Drainage TV

Drainage TV Ltd was founded in 2007 with the vision to provide high quality CCTV drain inspection services to clients in Auckland. They offer a comprehensive list of services for all your drainage inspection needs, including identifying drain pipe locations, checking drain conditions, providing building consent information and performing drain maintenance.

CCTV video inspection technology is essential to easily locate and identify any drain blockages and issues before any drainage work is conducted, which saves clients hefty drainlayer fees. Their state-of-the-art technology provides accurate diagnostic reports and footage, including recommendations for repairs and drain or pipeline replacement. With high-quality camera technology of 25 to 75mm colour and LCD lighting, they provide clear pictures for surveyors, architects, housing companies, house buyers and home-owners alike.

smoke testing Additionally, they provide in-depth drain surveys and comprehensive Works Over Reports that adhere to Watercare requirements and council standards, and can even locate and mark out drains on the site. Easily-accessible online CCTV footage is also available for private drainage inspection, making it the most efficient CCTV drain inspection in Auckland.

Besides diagnostic footage and reports, they offer a range of other repair and maintenance work services including CCTV sewer inspection, drain unblocking and root cutting. Their registered Auckland drainlayers can repair any type of drainage line.

Drainage TV Ltd possesses over 17 years of industry experience and fully qualified operators and support staff to ensure your drain inspection and maintenance are completed to the highest standards. Their processes promise efficient drainage inspections that saves time and keeps cost down. Contact them at 09 392 7789 or book online through their website.

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